Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wow what a storm! We here in the Pacific Northwest haven't seen anything like this in many years. It started with 10 inches of snow on Wednesday and Thursday then ended with an ice storm. The the ice on my car is about an inch thick. The tree blocking the driveway usually stands straight up. The big tree was pretty much shattered. Luckily through this I didn't lose power and I didn't suffer any structural damage.


  1. Reminds me of the winters we lived through in Alberta, Canada in the 1970's/1980's! The main reason we returned to the UK in 1987! We get more snow than we used to, except - so far - this year. Long may it continue! Except, would love the bright blue skies you get in Winter - we've just had nothing else but grey ones, and they do get depressing.

  2. Oh my, we certainly don't get anything like that down here in Texas!! I can't imagine 10 inches of snow in two days! Glad you didn't have any real damage!